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Electronics Product Development.

Hardware And Software Designing.

PCB Designing, And Manufacturing.

What we do?

We Provide Best Solution For Your Business. Our Software And Hardware are Perfact Combination Of Imagination And Engineering.
  • About Us

    We are an electronics-based firm and our mission is to bring your ideas to life. We turn your Ideas into working product design. We have a Complete Engineering Department.

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  • Re-Engineering

    Even highly successful electronic products need periodic updates whether to extend the life of the product line, meet new requirements or leapfrog the competition.

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  • Manufacturing

    Speed, quality and agility Umar And Sons gives you the best of Electronics Manufacturing in INDIA. We easily handle both large volumes and smaller production runs.

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  • Concept

    Have an idea? Our experienced design Engineers will help you turn your Concept into a solid plan for product development. We can help you improve existing products as well – see how much more your product can do, for little or no additional cost.

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  • Feasibility

    A feasibility study may be needed to prove the concept. Well design and run a set of experiments to test the basic science and function of the new art in your product that part of your invention that no one else has done before.

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  • Quality

    We easily handle both large volumes and smaller production runs. We combine modern automation equipment and skilled manual assembly to give you high-quality, cost-effective production regardless of volume.

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  • Apps Development

    UMAR AND SONS is a leading mobile app development company offering mobile application development services for android, iPhone, iPad and windows mobile application development.

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  • Prototype

    A prototype is an early sample, model, or release of product built to test an idea or concept or to act as something to be replicated or learned form.

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