Radio Freqency Identification System ( RFID )

Radio frequency identification has been in use since very long time. You must have seen on discovery channel that the people used to connect a tag to animal and then they used to monitor their location so that they can study their behaviour. With the advancement of technology same rfid’s are becoming popular, modern rfid consists of a transmitter and a receiver.

Transmitter does not require any power supply it receives it,s power solely from it,s antenna coil attached to it at I a very small antenna coil and has a very low transmitting range. Transmitter range is within the range of few mm receiver will have a display device normally a lcd and a data port from where data can be sent to pc. Advanced receivers have Real time clock with enough memory to store the data and later on the data can be transmitted to pc when it’s memory is full.
Most of the commercial available rfid tags and receiver are costly and is not possible by students to develop such devices , even components required are not easily available.
I have designed a rfid device on the similar principals. My transmitter and receiver both are based on intel’s popular controller 8051 family of controller. I have used at89c2051 microcontroller. For your knowledge sake I am adding some portion from the atmel’s one of the rfid eprom which is used in commercial rfid products.

Application area:

1 Bus route application.
2 Attendence register
3 Inventry application
4 Security application
5 Rfid can be given to any living or non living thing which need accountability

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