Remote Control Switch With Fan Regulator


  • Full function remote control.
  • Fan speed regulation from 1 to 5 steps.
  • Power indication.
  • All off facility.
  • Built in memory. 
  • Reduce your electricity bill by putting off lights & fans immediately with remote control, when not needed. 
  • Wide range of models available to suit every requirement.
  • It also support inverter.

  • Total shock proof (we need not to touch the switch board as it operates with remote control). 
  • Energy saving (reduce your energy bill by putting off lights, fans etc. with remote control when not needed). 
  • No need to change existing wiring.
  • No need for two way wiring (saving in two way wiring cost).
  • Operate through remote control as well as from main unit manually. 
  • All lights and fans can be switched off with pressing of All Off key.

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