Automatic Battery Charger For (6V/12/24V Battery)

What is auto cut off battery charger?

Some off charger maybe can't stop charging when the battery is fully charged.  Here is a simple circuit for the charger when the battery is fully charged, the charging automatically stopping,


● Battery Charger Circuit Suitable For (6V/12/24V Battery.
● High output current of about 5 Amp Maximum.
● Automatic charging voltage and current according to the battery status.
● Battery Type Support Lead Acid, Gel Battery, Tubular Battery, Lithium Ion, Lifepo4, etc.
● Charge Battery 7AH To 50AH
● Battery Cut-Off Adjustable.
● Very Low Current Consumption Only 1.5ma.
● Short circuit protection.
● Charging method - constant voltage and constant current CONTROL.

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