3 CFL Inverter Card 45watt

This is a CFL Inverter kit this kit supports
3 x 15 watts cfl tubes, connected to a 12 v 7.5 ah battery it will give 2.5 hours back up in case of a power fail.

There is a inbuilt charger which works in the mains mode of operation, which is capable of charging this 7 ah battery within 6 hours. The chargers range is from 90 volts to 265 volts.

Backup Time

15Watt x 3CFL = 2.5HRS.

11Watt x 3CFL = 4HRS.

11Watt x 2CFL = 6HRS.

11Watt x 1CFL = 12RS.

5Watt x 1CFL = 18HRS.

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