Zero Drop Solar Charger

Convert Your old inverter into solar Inverter.

Solar PCU (PWM)

Solar pcu which will cutoff inverter mains when solar present. works with 12v, 24v, 36v, 48, or higher. both lcd / led can be used at same time.
Charging:  10 amp to 60 amp max


1. Battery voltage
2. Solar amp or wattage (optional)
3. Company Name
4. Solar charging status
5. Battery reserve status
6. Load status
7. Mains ON & OFF


First it will check for the presences of  solar power ,if their is no solar power it will run in the normal power mode ,if the solar power is present it will not allow the ac mains in to the inverter so the battery will be charged only through solar power and the inverter will run on *"Solar Inverter Mode"* This mode will be displayed on the display .

if it is displayed  *"Solar Inverter Mode"*  that mean all the appliances connected to the inverter was running through the solar power .This solar inverter mode will continues until the solar inverter presents,at evening s when solar power was not their it will show *"Power Mode"* that mean their is no solar power present and all the appliances running through ac mains current .

if suppose if their is no solar power and main power it will display *"Inverter Mode"* when it is in solar inverter mode battery discharge parallely the battery will be charged through solar power with the same zero drop solar charger

Their will be a suggested load with respective to the solar panel .if the user uses more load than the suggested load battery will drain quckily .


● 12 and 24 volt auto detection, For 36,48 volt need setting by calibration switches
● Up to 96 volts battery same controller.
● PWM controlled charger.
● Charger mode, PCU mode and priority modes are provided.
● Friendly settable parameters.
● User friendly display.
● Same PCB works for internal of inverter and external controller also.
● Microcontroller based design
● Up to 95% efficiency.
● GSM interface (optional)
● Ideal diode function.
● Battery reverse protection
● Solar reverse protection.
● Temperature sensing and fan control also implemented

User settable parameter:-

1. Battery full
2. Mains cut off at what battery voltage (inverter start at)
3. Mains enable at what battery voltage (inverter end at)
4. Maximum charging current
5. Mains cut off at what Solar current. (Solar start at)
6. Mains enable at what Solar current. (Solar end at)
7. LCD lines selection.

Calibration parameters:-

● Battery voltage calibration. (Battery voltage error correction)
● Charging current calibration. (Charging current error correction)

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