Modular Remote Controlled Switch

Modular Remote Controlled Switch For 6 Light 2 Fan. (Single Module)
Use: House, Office, Shops, Hospitals, Restaurants.

Features And Details:-

  • Two FAN up to 250W with 5 step speed Per point. regulation. (Electronic Regulator)
  • Six Light up to 600 Watts Per point.
  • One Digit Seven Segment Digital Display to display Status of Fan Speed, Power On, Light, etc.
  • Works between 180V to 260V AC input.
  • SMPS Based power Supply For Better Performance.
  • Runs on inverter too.
  • Remote range is greater than 40ft and it works even from the reflected IR signals from the walls, so it sometimes gives the feeling of RF switch.
  • It has inbuilt Memory Feature, It remembers the last state before power fail. It start with same state when power resumes.
  • Easy installation - can be installed even in the existing Modular board.
  • It supports the existing wiring and has a unique micro control circuitry.

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