MPPT Technology brings the maximum utility of Solar power through Solar Pannel. This system can be protect battery from high voltage charging from solar pannel and also utilize the maximum power that generated from solar pannel. This system include an over charge control with Float Charging and Configurable Relay. You can configure the inbuilt relay to the battery voltage and unit production, so that you can use the excess power that produced from the pannel at day time. And also can set the reserve level during mains failure. User can Enable or Disable inteligent sharing feature at any time by using the switch provided on the system.
Our New MPPT Solar Charger is based on latest microcontrollers (DSPIC30F2010) with special power handling peripherals.
With 16 bit pwm very high resolution and wide dynamic range is acheived. 12 bit ADC enables this MPPT to retain accurecy at HIGHER voltage and Current. Up to Four Phase INTERLeaved BUCK topology for large power handling. A detailed menu arrangement covering every aspect of each application a MPPT can be deployed , is incorporated. Battery charging algorithm suitable for all type of batteries  with the vivid menu options. Isolated limit control and ON/OFF control to interface with BMS.(Battery Management System).

ALL chemistry rugged DSP Based MPPT suitable for upto 12 to 300V I/p and 40Amps o/p current

Battery Output Voltage Range: 12V/24V/36V/48V/60V/72V/84V/96V/108V/120V/132V/144V

● LCD & LED indication
● Full power and soft start
● Low voltage protection.
● Over voltage protection.
● Over load protection.
● Temperature controlled fan, safe & efficient.
● Over temperature protection.
● DSP BASED control.
● Three phased interleaved switching
● Switching element – MOSFETs for lower and    IGBT for higher wattage and voltage
● Charging Algorithm – Four-level charge with CC, CV, Float and Trickle.
● Switching frequency in each phase is 20KHz, resultant switching frequency in the final output 40KHz.
● Low ripple current in input and output due to inter-leaved switching.

Parameters displayed.
● Solar voltage
● Solar current
● Battery Voltage
● Battery current
● Cunulative units & daily harvested energy units.
● State of the MPPT.
● Can calibrate all measuring  parameters  also can set charging parameters

LED indication
● Solar Status
● Battery Charging
● Bypass Status

● Panel reverse protection
● Battery full charge cut-off
● Lightning protection
● Battery reverse protection (optional)

Display Error Message;
● Solar Voltage High
● Battery Voltage High
● Battery Voltage Low
● Temperature High
● Hardware Fault

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