Ultrasonic Sensor Based Led Bar Water Level Indicator With Empty & Full Tank Buzzer

● Beep Buzzer Sound At Empty Tank
● Continuous Buzzer Sound At Full Tank
● Device Self Sensor And Led Test At Startup
● At Any Time Water Level May Be Seen By Powering On The Device. .
● When The Tank Is Just Going To Overflow.The Buzzer Of The Device Gives Continuous Buzzer Sound Indicating You To Switch Off The Pump To Avoid Overflow
● When Water Level Goes Below 20% Or Red Led Stops Glowing & Buzzer Will Produce Sound Indicating You To Start The Motor (Tank Empty Indication). At Empty Tank Level,
● All Leds Will Blink With Beep Buzzer Sounds.
● It Is A Device Of Great Value In Case Of Saving Precious Electricity And Water.

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