Solar Street Light Circuit (7 Watt to 60 Watt)


1. PWM Based Charging
2. LED driver support up to 7 to 60 Watt
3. Dusk to Dawn Opration
● NTTV (Night Time Threshold Voltage) 3.0 Volt
● DTTV (Day Time Threshold Voltage) 3.9 Volt
4. Dimming options.(Late Night Diming Mode First 4 Hour 100% Brightness After 4 hour 50% Dimming).
5. Solar Panel Maximum open circuit Voltage 22V.
6. Solar Panel Maximum MPP Voltage 18.5V.
7. Supported Battery.
● Lithium Ion (11.1V)
● Lithium Ion (14.8)
● Lifepo4 (12.8v)
● Lead Acid Battery (12V).
8. Motion Sensor Activate after 4 Hour.
9. Ideal Current Consumption less than 3ma.
10.LED Driver Methodology (Dual PWM DC-DC Buck Converter).
11. PWM Frequency 30.53KHZ
12. LED Driver Efficiency 93%
13. Charge Controller Efficiency 95%
14. Maximum Panal Support 250Watt.
15. Maximum Battery Support 150AH
16. Maximum LED Driver Support 60Watt.
17. Current Limiting For Led Module.
18. Charge Controller Methodology (Three stage battery charge monitoring Algorithm).
19. Software Watchdog For LED over current
20. Low and High battery voltage cut off.
21. Compatible with motion sensor(PIR sensor)
22. Design suitable for street light and home light.
23.Temperature compensated
24. Battery charging Indications
Green led – Charging
Red led – low battery
● Both glow together if any fault like open load or short circuit.

☆Solar reverse connection.
☆Battery reverse connection.
☆Over charging.
☆Over temperature.
☆Over charging.
☆Current Short Circuit.
☆Deep Discharge Protection.

Complete Technology Available for Manufacturers:

Technology Package Include:
●  Circuit diagram.
●  PCB Design File.
●  Bill of Material (BOM).
●  Hex file.
●  Inductor Calculation.
●  Capacitor Calculation.
●  Mosfet Calculation.
●  Wirring Diagram.
●  Calculation and setup video.etc...

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