Remote Control Switch For Cooler With Timer

Now convert any simple cooler into Smart Air cooler .This small device is a remote control for your desert cooler helps to reduce the humidity and your cooler gives more cool air than ever before and you can controls all the functions through Remote like ON/OFF , speed adjustment of cooler fan ,Pump On/Off and many more.


● Specially Designed For 3 Speed Motors
● Upto 3 Fan Speed Level with Remote as well as basic unit.
● Sleep Mode which automatically decrease Fan speed level in every  2  hours so you can get a comfort sleep .
● 12 hours Timer Mode which automatically switch off the cooler
● Maintain 5 Humidity levels 0,1,2,3,4, and Full.
● Swing button to switch on and off the swing mode for front grill of cooler .
● All Operations By Remote as well as Base unit.
● Saves Electricity and save water.
● Elegant , Compact, easy to install  and can be install in any air cooler.

All these feature in one single unit that will transform your experience with air cooler and make them so cool……that cooler may even be used on those humid months when most air coolers become useless.

(Technology Available for Manufacturers)


● Circuit Diagram, PCB Layout in (Protel/CD-R, and PDF Format).
● Parts List (Bill Of Material)
● Teasting details
● Microcontroller Hex CODE.
● Capacitor Calculation
● MOSFET Calculation
● Transformer winding Data.
● Data Sheets of the devices used
● Wiring Layout
● Video Setup
● Calibration Details....etc

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