Stabilizer Universal PCB BOARD for Single Phase

  • Microcontroller Pic16F676 Based Technology.
  • Operating Voltage Range 95 To 290 Volt.
  • Easily adjustable with any specified and capacity transformer upto 20 KV.
  • Relay operated with zero crossing for getting low sparking and highly durability.
  • Instant start and LOW CUT off Configurable pin available on PCB.
  • Single preset ajustable with all step functionaliyt.
  • Buzzer Indication for High And Low Voltage Cutt.
  • Highly voltage accurate 10 bits ADC.
  • Combo power supply, zener and regulator for broad range 8 to 25 volt.
  • 7 Pin PBT connector for easily connection by screw driver.
  • Setting stored for life time.
  • Relay works smoothly (No Chattering).

Technology Available For Manufacturer
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