Smart IR Wireless Remote Control Switch for Cooler And Fan

This is a 2 Modular  Digital switch for 1 Fan with Digital regulator ( 9 Step hum free ) along with Remote Control and can be Fixed or Replaced Directly into the space provided for a 2 Module. No Alteration Required while Installation. This device can be used to remotely control the speed of an AC fan and to switch it on or off. 

Our product features and benefits are listed below for your kind-reference. 

Features & details:

1. 9 steps (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9) speed regulation for Fan. (Hum Free)
2. Easy to operate. Easy to Install
3. Low cost Circuit Design.
4. No need to change the existing wiring. It can be easily integrated with your existing house wiring.
5. Spark less switching and Shock proof.
6. Specially effective for children and disabled people.
7. Cost effective as it reduces unnecessary wiring with 2 way switches
8 Maximum load capacity 1000 Watts.
9. Infra-Red based sensing circuits (Does not interfere your TV, Air Conditioner or any other IR devices).
10. Each Remote range up to 30+ feet .
11. 2 different touch switches for fan to regulate at 0% and 100% speed,
12. Can operate manually or via remote.
13. 100% Compatible with 5 amp socket or equal size mechanical fan regulator.
14. Built In Memory. (System keeps its settings in memory even powers goes away.)
15. 1 hour to 9 hours off timer with LED Indicatoin. (after completion of timer fan automatically turned off).
16. Fan can be controlled by controller switch or remote.
17. It can be used for home fan and air cooler fan.
18. Fully wireless digital fan regulator.
19. Micro-controller based design with minimum external components.
20. Transformer-less Power Supply.

Technical Details:

Operating voltage: AC 220-250V 50Hz-60Hz
Operating temperature: -20C~+50C
Load Capacity: 1000 Watt

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