Real Time Clock Based Automatic On/Off Switch


This product is useful for "real time based control" for outdoor drivers
In built clock to keep track of time for Operation 5 years without battery change.
1. Settings gets saved even during power failures and takes effect once power is available.
2. Based on the latest microcontroller.
3. Accurate Timming.
4. There is no need to assign an individual for ON/OFF the appliances.
Technical Specifications:
Input Voltage Range: 165V to 270V AC, 50Hz
Output Voltage Range: 165V to 270V AC.
ON/OFF Timming: Can Be Customised
Surge Capacity: 1Kv to 1.5Kv
Maximum Output Load Capacity: 400W
Battery Life Time: 5 Years
Operating Modes: Based on Real time Date and Time Setting.
Output Contact: DPDT (1C/O)
Power Consumption: 5VA max.
Size (in mm): 96 X 33 X 30
Street lights On-Off
Hoarding lights On-Off
Staircase/ Parking Lights On-Off
Water Pump/Sprinkler On-Off
Domestic Storage Water Heater On-Off

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