Equipments List

We are constantly re-investing in electronics manufacturing technology. We have a full range of modern production equipment at our design and manufacturing center near 
Aligarh Uttar Pradesh, India.

Surface Mount Technology (SMT) Assembly

  • MYDATA MY9e MYSynergy SMT line
  • BTU International Pryamax 98 reflow oven
  • Conceptronics 60 reflow oven
  • Speedprint SP710AVI stencil printer
  • Speedline MPM/SPM semi-automated stencil printer
  • OKI (Metcal) BGA rework station
  • Xeltek SuperPro robotic IC programmer
  • Dry box storage for moisture sensitive devices

Through-Hole Technology Assembly

  • Amistar AI-6448 axial insertion

Soldering and Board Work

  • Vitronics Soltec Delta wave solder (lead-free)
  • Hollis Astra wave solder (leaded process)
  • DataPAQ Q18 solder reflow thermal profiling system
  • Westek closed-loop orbital aqueous cleaner
  • SCS Ionograph BT Series
  • Metcal soldering systems


  • YESTech YTV B3 automated optical inspection (AOI) systems
  • Glenbrook Tech jewel box 70-T X-ray
  • Fischerscope X-ray fluorescence spectrometer
  • SMT Tools side-looking microscope for BGA inspection
  • Lynx vision systems


  • Airwolf 3D printer
  • Hylax Technology 20-Watt UV laser
  • Epilog Fusion M2 40 75-Watt CO2 laser
  • Programmable robotic conformal coating system
  • DYMAX UVCS light curing conveyor
  • Branson ultrasonic welder
  • Bridgeport CNC 3-axis mill
  • Vacuum thermal former to create custom-formed ESD packaging for your product
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