What is Hardware Feasibility Study ? 

The report is detailed engineering analysis of any idea or concept before the start of development phase. The report includes various technical as well as business parameters which can reduce unknown risks and costs.

Why do i need a Hardware Feasibility Report ?

It helps to look at a wider picture, see key challenges and helps to take important
decisions even before the development. The report also provides estimates of
product cost, development costs and other manufacturing details. This will have to manage the financials and plan the journey from concept to product in a better way.

A feasibility study may be needed to prove the concept. We’ll design and run a set of experiments to test the basic science and function of the “new art” in your product – that part of your invention that no one else has done before,Our engineering team will typically create a breadboard or test circuits to demonstrate feasibility of key features and functions.With a feasibility study you’ll get an idea of performance and cost trade-offs to be made, and can use this phase to confirm the design direction and develop a working specification


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