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Have an idea? Our experienced design Engineers will help you turn your Concept into a solid plan for product development.
We can help you improve existing products as well – see how much more your product can do, for little or no additional cost.
We will design and run proof-of-concept experiments and create breadboards to demonstrate the feasibility of your product’s key features and functions.


Even highly successful electronic products need periodic updates — whether to extend the life of the product line, meet new requirements or leapfrog the competition.


Speed, quality and agility – Umar And Sons gives you the best of Electronics Manufacturing in INDIA. We easily handle both large volumes and smaller production runs.
We have the latest equipment and skills for Printed Circuit Board Assembly, from through-hole to the smallest surface mount technology.


A prototype is an early sample, model, or release of product built to test an idea or concept or to act as something to be replicated or learned from.Our service of prototype development means 

Do you wish to solve your specific personal problem which includes electronic hardware solution?

If you have an idea or a concept about solution to any of your problems, but you are worried about designing adequate electronic hardware to materialize this idea, we are here to help you with each step involved in the process. Our dedicated team will ensure to incorporate the thrill of electronics and magic of technology in your personalized gadget.

  • Company Overview
Umar And Sons is a specialist in embedded hardware, software Development, and Manufacturing.
  •  Our Mission
Our Mission is to offer total, cost-effective, next generation embedded hardware and software solutions in the shortest possible development time enabling our clients to launch their product ideas early.
  •  Our Vision
To lead in embedded hardware and software solutions and be known as an electronic product development company of repute.
  •  Our Core Values
Regardless of how large we become, the journey all along is rooted by some firm beliefs and ethics which will never change
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About Umar And Sons
We designs, develops, and delivers next-generation, embedded solutions from proof of concept to post delivery maintenance and support.


Total solutions in embedded software, hardware and Manufacturing from UMAR AND SONS that breathes life into your product ideas! Read More.....
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