Speed, quality and agility Umar And Sons gives you the best of electronics manufacturing in INDIA. We easily handle both large volumes and smaller production runs. We combine modern automation equipment and skilled manual assembly to give you high-quality, cost-effective production… regardless of volume. 
We follow IPC-A-610F assembly standards on our full range of contract manufacturing services.

Manufacturing Services

  • Contract PCB assembly
  • Electromechanical subsystem assembly
  • System-level assembly
  • Quick-turn prototypes

Printed Circuit Board Assembly

  • Surface mount technology (SMT) assembly
  • Through-hole and mixed technology PCB assembly
  • Manual and fully-automated insertion
  • Single and double sided boards
  • FR4, polyimide, metal clad and flex boards
  • SMT as small as 01005, BGAs and µBGAs
  • Full surface mount rework services
  • IC programming
  • Lead-free / RoHS assembly by default
  • Leaded process available on request
Skilled electronics manufacturing technicians provide manual assembly as needed.

Other Services

  • Parts sourcing and procurement
  • Obsolete and hard-to-find parts sourcing
  • Consigned inventory
  • Testing
  • Sub-assemblies
  • Box builds
  • RoHS compliance testing
  • Custom-formed ESD trays for shipping (less waste, easier to handle and inventory)


Our manufacturing team uses advanced quality processes. For example, our SMT lines feature automated testing of passive components to prevent defects. We use unique thermal profiles for each board design to optimize soldering. We perform full automated optical inspection of every board, tracking results electronically by serial number, and use the data to pinpoint when and where defects happened and determine corrective actions. All manufacturing team members can suggest improvements to processes in their own areas of expertise using an electronic change request system.
Our in-house design team is actively involved in the testing of your boards, whether it’s your design or ours. They work with manufacturing engineers on root cause analysis and can talk with your design engineers about problem areas or suggested improvements.
Our quality department manages rigorous incoming, in-process and final inspection of materials. We are implementing statistical process control (SPC) for our supplier base and internal processes in 2017.

Quality Systems and Processes

  • Incoming component validation with barcode scanning to confirm with approved vendor list
  • Automated optical inspection (AOI) of all boards including polarity, part numbers, solder bridges and part alignment, with electronic tracking of results
  • X-ray of leadless packaging
  • First article inspection at every stage of production
  • First-pass yield monitoring throughout the day, every day
  • Internal ISO audits every quarter with audit team
  • Regular audits of other quality-related areas such as ESD protection
  • ERP system for timely delivery, labor tracking and online documentation
  • Regularly scheduled training
  • Robust preventative maintenance database that schedules all manufacturing equipment maintance
  • Electronic change request (ECR) system to identify opportunities for higher quality and efficiency.

Equipment List

We are constantly re-investing in electronics manufacturing technology. We have a full range of modern production equipment at our design and manufacturing center near Aligarh Uttar Pradesh, India.

Surface Mount Technology (SMT) Assembly

  • MYDATA MY9e MYSynergy SMT line
  • BTU International Pryamax 98 reflow oven
  • Conceptronics 60 reflow oven
  • Speedprint SP710AVI stencil printer
  • Speedline MPM/SPM semi-automated stencil printer
  • OKI (Metcal) BGA rework station
  • Xeltek SuperPro robotic IC programmer
  • Dry box storage for moisture sensitive devices

Through-Hole Technology Assembly

  • Amistar AI-6448 axial insertion

Soldering and Board Work

  • Vitronics Soltec Delta wave solder (lead-free)
  • Hollis Astra wave solder (leaded process)
  • DataPAQ Q18 solder reflow thermal profiling system
  • Westek closed-loop orbital aqueous cleaner
  • SCS Ionograph BT Series
  • Metcal soldering systems


  • YESTech YTV B3 automated optical inspection (AOI) systems
  • Glenbrook Tech jewel box 70-T X-ray
  • Fischerscope X-ray fluorescence spectrometer
  • SMT Tools side-looking microscope for BGA inspection
  • Lynx vision systems


  • Airwolf 3D printer
  • Hylax Technology 20-Watt UV laser
  • Epilog Fusion M2 40 75-Watt CO2 laser
  • Programmable robotic conformal coating system
  • DYMAX UVCS light curing conveyor
  • Branson ultrasonic welder
  • Bridgeport CNC 3-axis mill
  • Vacuum thermal former to create custom-formed ESD packaging for your product

Standards and Certifications

We adhere to quality processes throughout design and manufacturing. We create high-quality products to meet the performance standards you need. We help you through the agency certification process for your products as well.

Quality Standards

  • IPC-A-610G
  • J-STD-001G

Performance Certifications

  • UL 60950

Agency Certifications

  • UL

Lead-Free and RoHS Capabilities

  • Lead-free and RoHS-compliant manufacturing by default
  • RoHS component procurement
  • Testing of incoming components and PCBs for hazardous substances


  • Conflict minerals declaration 
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